To be continued...

The Abandoned House Gallery Season #1 of art streaming has come to an end in Estonia. We have packed our things and are ready to move the secret art gallery into a new space in a new country in 2019.

But before we start streaming again you can watch some highlights from the last Summer in Estonia in the video here:

(actually this is just the first 3 weeks or so in the video - the full version coming...)
And remember also that his video is compiled mainly from security camera footage – thus the low quality.

Live streams and twitter feeds
from the well hidden secret wells of Abandoned House Gallery
already since the 1st of July

About us

Abandoned House Gallery is a secret gallery situated in a secret location, presumably somewhere in the Estonian countryside. We arrange performance events, exhibitions, concerts etc. like any normal art gallery does. The only difference is just that our artists and the audience don't know where the action really happens. People can watch and listen to the gallery action through live streams in the internet and in "gallery window sculptures" in selected locations in Finland and Estonia.

We started streaming the 1st of July and will continue all through the summer of 2018. For those who really get hooked to our 24/7 stream can collect all the pieces of the puzzle and solve the mystery of the Abandoned House Gallery location. ...and there will be a reward...

The art project is a brainchild of two Finnish artists Panu Ollikainen and Juho "Poesiloe" Pöysti.

Stay tuned.
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Gallery window sculptures
Sveta baar, Tallinn, Estonia
Galleria Kuja, Helsinki, Finland


Gallery Events

25 August – 4 September
Valge tuba
Installation by Aleksander Bachman & Hristina S. (EST)
Compositions of Reliefs. Spectromatic Visuals Production Estonia.

20–25 August
* Nothing Much (but moving furniture)
Installation by

16–19 August
Films in the Window
Movies projected to the walls of Abandoned House Gallery:
- Chicken Skin, a Ballad of my Unconsciousness (4.29 min, 2017)
A movie by Mara Catalan (ESP/USA).
- Kingdom of Heaven (2.22 min, 2013)
A video of an installation by Art Container
(Kilian Ochs (GER), Tanel Saar (EST), Janno Bergmann (EST)), Dresden, 2013
- The Most Beautiful Animals (21.38 min, 2018)
By Nathan Hendrickson (USA) & Gianluigi Biagini (ITA).
All films were looping 24 hours each.

13–15 August
* Taavi Karu (EST) Installation

11 - 12 August
Drāmas hospitālis \ Drama hospital
Performance by Latvian artists Justīne Vaivode and Māra Uzuliņa
36 hours (Sat 11/08 10AM - Sun 12/08 10PM)

8 - 10 August
Huisi He (CHN) and Nathan Hendrickson (USA)
48 hour performance. Huisi He 24h + Nathan Hendrickson 24h
(Wed 08/08 3PM - Fri 10/08 3PM)

5 - 7 August
Der Landebahn 2.0.
An audiovisual art project by Hilda Lindström (SWE, video art) and Maria Lindström (SWE, sound)

25 July - 5 August
A Hyunji Park installation
Acoustic sounds by

25 July
Resonance or Karma. Performance by Hyunji Park (KOR)

17-25 July
A Superfluous Light 1&2 installation by the Abandoned Housemates feat. Tuomo Vuoteenoma of Purgatori fame
Sounds by the Execution of Music

15-17 July
An East German commercial break (video art)

15 July
Ice Hockey World Championships Final 1995 (video art)

13-15 July
A 48 hour performance "X space 48h play"
by Michel Ruths & Wiiu Wiiulainen
(6 PM Friday the 13th to 6 PM Sunday the 15th)

9 - 13 July
A Human Suit installation by Panu Ollikainen

8 - 9 July - Love is the Law video installation by

3 - 8 July - Ouluputki sculpture installation by Ouluputki

3 July - Ouluputki Noise Gig

1 - 2 July - A Candlelight Vigil installation by
(thru a Periscope stream)

Gallery window sculptures

14/6 – 31/8 Sveta baar, Tallinn, Estonia
30/6 – 30/9 Galleria Kuja, Helsinki, Finland

22/7 Heavens Underground / Printmaking IN / Sculpture, Pärnu Artist House, Estonia (sculpture & video projection)
21/7 Heavens Underground / Printmaking IN / Nordic performance night, Culture Club Tempel, Pärnu, Estonia (video projection + presentation)
20/7 Printmaking IN Riga, Autentika, Riga, Latvia
28/7 – 18/8 Earthly Pleasures (Maalliset ilot), Tilajakamo artist collective exhibition, Hirvitalo, Tampere, Finland
25/8 – 3/9 Avantgarde Vekkula, Oranssi, Helsinki, Finland

Past Events outside the Gallery

Window Sculpture at Tallinn Art Week - 14 June 2018
ART by Sveta
Sveta Baar Telliskivi 62, Depoo 1

Window Sculpture at Tallinn Art Week - 13 June 2018
People from the other side
Open Studios at Polymer, Ülase 16 / Madara 22, Tallinn


Promotional video.

Dailies 01 July.

Best of Timelapse


A Human Suit installation by Ollikainen & "X space 48h play" performance by Ruths & Wiiulainen


A Human Suit installation by Panu Ollikainen


Love is the Law video installation by


Ouluputki installation by Ouluputki

Open Call for Artists

If interested just ask us.

Get in touch
+358 40 772 9010 (poesiloe)

We would like to thank Arts Promotion Centre Finland for the funding.
And also big hand to Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo, katu ry, Joha, Non Grata, Galleria Kuja, Tilajakamo, Kimmo, Keijo & Kaire, Jaana Lapinlahden Alma, Ismael M. Kouta, Maija Kivi and Kinobox Obscura for all the love, help and support. Cheers!